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Kumali by SHANSHAN

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The Kumali collection by SHANSHAN offers an array of excellence in its authenticity, quality, sizing, display, and rates in sets.


We guarantee authentic Kumali bracelets with engraved love and luck mantras.


Our collection utilises gold leaves, giving a smooth and polished effect with a unique color burst.



Our collection offers three beautiful colors, gold, rose gold, and silver. These colors are a beautiful reflection of natural tones. An assortment of the three colors also gives an absolute alluring look. 
All models are available in all colors.


We offer three bracelet sizes and five ring sizes.

The range of sizes offered fits all juniors and adults.




The bracelets and rings are all-inclusive in their sizing and designs for all ages and unisex.


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livraison offerte

Livraison offerte dès 80€ pour toute commande chez Kumali.